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This is a start to write a short version book of my PhD dissertation. I started my PhD in 2012 in Duisburg Essen University, in Germany. However for some personal reasons I changed my supervisor in 2013. He is a professor in Augsburg university, in city of Augsburg, which is located in south of Germany. I finished my PhD in early 2018. Yes, it took me at least six years.

My dissertation is about intercultural dialogue between Western and Muslim countries. My case study is Iran and Germany. I have analyzed the cultural activities between the two countries; those which were implemented between 1998 and 2013. More specifically I worked on activities which were implemented under the discourse of intercultural dialogue in Iran and Germany. so every type of cultural activities is not included in my cases study. So why it was important for me, personally, to research this topic? Because as an Iranian journalist I have grown up with skepticisms or full expectations from “dialogue with other cultures”. In time of Khatami I use to believe that the discourse of “dialogue among civilizations” would create a secure and strong relationship between Iran and the world. Is this aim reached? of course till now, not. But does it mean that “dialogue” or to say “intercultural dialogue” does not matter? Or there are other factors which played as an obstacle? That is why I searched this issue. I specifically worked on the role of intercultural dialogue in the foreign cultural policy of Iran and Germany. however the short version of my book is concentrating on the issue of importance of intercultural dialogue in the relationship between Iran and Germany.

My dissertation is written in 540 pages. I am going to short it to 250 pages. I am going to cut the chapters of methodology and review of the literature and keep just the main analysis, those parts which seem to be more interesting.

I have to finish and send off the book to my publisher, by early December 2018. Hence I have to really hurry up.

If YOU have an interest to be a member of this book marketing launch team, please kindly let me know. You can write a comment here or text to this email address: fatemehkamalichirani@yahoo.com. I am posting more about the details and progress of writing of the book, daily.