Zenfolio | Forouzande مهمان باشی | in the middle of Blue

Malta- a silent geography, located in the Mediterranean see between Italy and Libya (and other countries). The small country which is consist of three Irelands, is a wonderful place to see. Although, it seems to be an expensive touristic place, it really worth to see.
i loved the structure and architecture of the country. I think in 6 days staying in Malta, i manage to see all over. it s a tiny place.
i appreciate the protected cultural urban structure of the country, like the style of balconies, windows and door knockers. Also you could see a lot of catholic signs on the walls.
Finally I amazed with the language: Maltaee kangauge is sounded like Arabic! It also has a lot of Latin words but still you can easily make a mistake, whether somebody is talking in Arabic or Maltaee!